Yoga is for everyone, but let's face it... we largely see the same types of bodies in studio classes- usually slim, in shape, super bendy, Lululemon wearing, femme appearing beings.
I really want to smash the idea that yoga is some kind of exclusive club. I want to smash the idea that you have to be flexible to practice yoga- or in shape, or able to buy $100 leggings, or want to wear leggings at all, or have a mini van and kids that play soccer and a husband that supports your white picket fence suburban life.
Ok, if you have all those things, nothing against you! You're welcome in class too of course, but I hope everyone can see my point, can see that it has fallen to stereotype and that we need to break that stereotype! It is natural to not want to enter any space where you will be the only ______ person in class. (fat, inflexible, injured, differently abled, male, etc, etc)
​Virtually every yoga class you set foot in is filled with the same types of people, and the same types of bodies. Yoga really is for everyone, and my vision is to create a space for those outside of the usual yoga studio demographic: "everyone else".
Whether you're fat, skinny-fat, fat-at-heart, dude, dude-ette, inflexible, out of shape, differently-abled or anything in-between, if you can breathe you can do yoga!

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