Hello friends! While I will continue to teach classes that welcome all levels and body types, I don't feel right continuing to use the "Fat Dude Yoga" name. 
I am not a "fat dude" and my "fat dude" assistant can no longer attend class.  Going forward, I will offer my classes simply under my own title, The Bodywork Guru. I've created a group for class updates.

Please join this group if you're interested in classes! 

Fat Dude Yoga was born from a combination of my husband's love for yoga and his unwillingness to set foot in a yoga studio. 
I couldn't blame him. Virtually every yoga class you set foot in is filled with the same types of people, and the same types of bodies.

Yoga really is for everyone, and my vision for Fat Dude Yoga is to create a space for those outside of the usual yoga studio demographic: "everyone else". 
Whether you're fat, skinny-fat, fat-at-heart, dude, dude-ette, inflexible, out of shape, differently-abled or anything in-between, if you can breathe you can do yoga!

Fat Dude Yoga

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